Soil chemistry

Testing out garden soil acidity with ph test strips to see why grass won’t grow in some spots.




1 thought on “Soil chemistry

  1. A.J. Klarenbeek (Nederlands)

    Hallo, nice project.

    I’m buzzy whit a similar project.
    And the same car.
    Nice job what you did whit the head lights.
    Time for some rework 😉

    I replaced also the 6v battery by a 12v.
    Bud I had a second motor so I connected in serial.
    So I have both rear wheels powered.

    Only I use 2 standard RC ESC’s and a RC controld reed relay whit a 3ch. RC pistol transmitor.

    Steering is always enabled on the remote,
    The motor is 6v bud runs on 12v,a lot of torque.
    So I can always overrule the steering.
    The only disadvantage is I don’t use a feedback.
    So the steer don’t turns back to center position.
    The advantage of that is my kids can steer self,
    But I still have the possibility to correct them.

    The throttle switch works true a simple servo tester.
    I can set the max speed whit a hidden potmeter.
    On remote I have full power.
    In the future I want to make the throttle smooth like a reel car

    The 3rd channel is for switching between remote and self driving. It is just a RC reedrelay that switch the signal wire from the receiver to the servo tester.
    When the transmitor turns off or is out of reach the car can’t drive.

    Good luck with your projects



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