Stroller Storage System

Before our first baby was born we bought a jogging stroller.  We bought a Bob Revolution SE stroller; we love it but its big and a challenge to store.
We tried shoving it the closet but it was always a pain (falling out; getting in the way) so I came up with a clever storage system which allows you to store and remove the stroller easily.
I used 8020 Aluminum Framing
as I came across a lot of it at a scrap yard and had left overs after building my CNC machine.Its easy to cut with a mitre saw (carbide tipped blade). The framing attaches with t-slot hardware and goes together very quick. Its kind of like Lego! 😀 Check out the video to see it in action.Send me a message if you want some measurements


5 thoughts on “Stroller Storage System

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  2. Richard Crouch

    Wow, I love your BOB storage system! I’m a first time “dad to be” + a huge nerd and am prepping the house for our new baby. I would love to build one of your BOB storage racks, could you please email me the measurements? The help would be much appreciated, thanks for helping out the dad community! All my best, Richard.


  3. Brian Hensarling

    This is amazing. I can’t believe BOB doesn’t make something like this already. I’m not half as handy as you, but I’d love to have one of these. Could you give me some pointers? Thanks so much!



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