Kitchen Baby Platform

My daughter loves to be part of the action; her biggest frustration by far is being too short to help in the kitchen and not being able to see what we’re working on on the counter.
A friend of mine built a great looking step stool with railing for his daughter.  I decided to make something similar.
I came across this great little step up platform made from a cheap ikea step stool.:
So I started with the same stool; the BEKVÄM Kitchen stool from Ikea.
Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 8.40.07 PM
I sketched up a base and stop in my cad software and had my CNC router (My DIY CNC Machine) cut it out.
I had the cnc machine route out pockets for the vertical pieces; and I cut a 1/4″ top which is beveled to hide the screws.
CAD Design
This video has lots of shots of cutting out the parts;
It turned out pretty good and it was my first useful project using my CNC machine 🙂
The Final Product:
 2013-07-03 20.51.27
2013-07-03 20.51.55

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