Welcome to UltraGeekDad.com

Welcome to UltraGeekDad.com
This is a site dedicated to the projects I have made and things I’m building for my daughter.  Here is a snapshot of the projects I’m working on and will be posting about in the coming weeks. Most of the projects are simple and can be completed in somewhere between an evening and a weekend.
My other (non baby related) projects are typically posted on my main website http://www.thegreatgeekery.com

Stroller Storage System:
– An innovative compact storage system for jogging strollers.

– Made out industrial aluminum framing
Color Spectrum LED Toy
– A home made toy which lights up different colors depending on which connector she plugs in (Coming soon)
-A climb up platform for toddlers to participate in the kitchen
RC Baby Kart:
– A “Powerwheels” style go-kart which allows for remote parental control; supports “drive-by-wire” so you can allow you little one to contribute to the control of the vehicle.
Leaf Blower Hovercraft
– A hovercraft made from a salvaged leaf blower
Science Demonstrations for Little Ones
– Marshmallows in space, Anti-Gravity bubbles, Backyard Ballistics…

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